Play games with your friends and accidentally learn how to dance on the way! It's pretty much the best.

One 90-minute class gets you going. When you're ready, take more.

pick it up on the fly

Learn lead and follow principles and make it up as you go. This means you can dance with anyone at any moment to any song!

use it everywhere

One dance can be used at weddings, dance parties, and bars. No more feeling out of place ... ever! You've got the moves!


all the music you love

Ditch that sissy ballroom music and use your favorite tunes from the radio: R&B, pop, country, the classics, and more!

Lead & Follow

The secret to making stuff up on the fly

The following videos are improv West Coast Swing. This means these partners are making it up as they go. I use West Coast Swing as an example because it is founded on solid lead/follow principles and is the most versatile dance I know - which is why I love it!

*I do not own these videos. All rights to their respective owners.

What is different about 2 as 1?

EVERYONE learns to LEAD and to FOLLOW. 

You wouldn't send someone to their first night on the job without telling them what their job is ... right? And you wouldn't want your teammate to have no idea what the team's goal is, right? Right! I teach fundamental principles that can be applied to any dance and then I let the local dance venues teach you the specifics of their dance.


Each class member suggests a song they like and we figure out together how to groove to it. This makes each class as unique as the people in it! Country, Jazz, Swing, Pop, Blues, Hip-hop, R&B, Rap, Oldies, Rock n' Roll - you love it all so let's dance it all!

You become part of a new COMMUNITY.

My mission is to do my part to help make the Triangle the nation's best place to go dancing.  I partner with local Raleigh/Durham venues and instructors to ensure everyone finds their best fit in our amazing dance communities.

LIMITED class sizes.

I am dedicated to providing a consistent, superior dance learning experience that is also inviting to anyone of any background. As such I typically limit class size to 8 people. There are always exceptions, though.